TechEd on the road

 The Hyderabad “teched on the road” event which happened on 22nd May was a grand success with lot of quality sessions and quality speakers. It was worth every min spent. Since I am an app dev, I would focus on the Developer track.

We started with MVC3 session. Shravan made it look really easy. He spent good time explaining about @razor.

This was followed by #ranganh, Harish did HTML5/ IE9 session was wonderful with variety of demos that he showed- he was really to the point.

Saranya’s Azure/Facebook session was really great. Very well executed/ presented.

TFS Continuous Global delivery by Vishal Mehrotra (below)- was very interactive and informative.

Javasctipt&ECMA5 by Krishna Chaitanya was really wonderful, learnt a lot about specifics on ECMA5. Loads of cool demos!

This is me, coordinating the event, making announcements and asking quiz questions:

(Giving away #DevExpress T-Shirts)

Special thanks to #Pluralsight for sponsoring 3 free subscriptions to 3 winners- Harsha Nihanth (@spiharsh), Rajesh Varma Kalidindi and Nirmal Surapaneni (@parinirmal). This time instead of raffling off the licenses we did a technical Quiz for the same and the winners were the ones who were the most interactive and who could answer the questions asked by the speakers. Also, special thanks to #Devexpress for T-Shirts, courtesy #MehulHarry- was given to people who asked questions and who were answering quiz questions.

Some core members from MUGH gang present at the event: (End of day snap)

Overall a wonderful catching up and learning experience!


3 Responses to TechEd on the road

  1. Srikar Ananthula says:

    Gooood….nice pics….from first to last…nice sequence..:)

  2. Johnson Abraham says:

    It was truly a very productive Sunday with all MUGH sessions on the day being lively and very useful.Among the ones I could attend, I really enjoyed the SQL Server Waits and Queues by Pinal Dave who gave a very good insight in to troubleshooting issues in SQL Server.
    The MS Data Center Virtualization by Praveen Kumar brought out all details how the Virtualization is being implemented religiously in MS since 2004.
    The TFS Continuous Global delivery by Vishal Mehrotra was very effective in addressing all the exisitng misconceptions about TFS being a product only for big organizations and very difficult to setup/use.Vishal was very good in explaining how TFS can be used and benefit anyone.Very well presented with all the details to show TFS capabilities.
    The session on ECMA5 by Krishna Chaitanya was filled with all cool demos.
    Look forward to more such useful events.

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